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Elliot Goblet (aka Jack Levi)

Elliot Goblet (aka Jack Levi)

If you’re looking to book a stand-up comedian, then look no further than Elliot Goblet, aka Jack Levi. He’s one of Australia’s most famous stand-up comedians, first appearing on Australian TVs in late 80s on the iconic show, ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’. Today, Elliot’s jokes have become part of the Australian lexicon and he’s one of the most popular guest comedians for corporations, pubs, and private parties.

Elliot Goblet is best known for more than 60 stand-up comedy spots on national television, as well as his best selling book, ‘Business According To Goblet’ and his two comedy albums- the Aria-nominated album ‘Internally Berserk’ and the 2015 album ‘Goblet’s Greatest Bits’, featuring some of the best of Elliot Goblet.

While most of Elliot’s work (80%) is at corporate/business events such as conferences, product launches, dinners and client/staff parties, he also entertains at weddings and birthday parties.

  1. Hey Hey It’s Saturday
  2. The Comic’s Lounge
  3. The Midday Show
  4. The Big Gig

Elliot Goblet is an incredible act, and very engaging with the audience pre- and  post-event.

Elliot Goblet delivers wall to wall jokes; no padding, nothing unnecessary just laugh after laugh. – Judith Lucy

Elliot Goblet, aka Jack Levi’s, major strength at all of these events is his ability to include special material written for your event.