Before you book a stand-up comedian, here’s five pieces of advice to follow so you get the funniest, and most suitable comedian for your next comedy event.

1. Know your audience

Comedy comes in all forms, from slapstick, to one-liners, to story telling and audience engagement. What works best for one audience may not work well for another. For example, a rowdy end of year football club booze-up may require quicker punchlines. Whereas a corporate dinner may want to hear high brow stories.

Before you call to book a stand-up comedian, think about who your audience is, and the type of function you’re arranging – and share this with your comedian of the booking agent.

2. Know your environment

Stand-up comedians can work in the most unusual environments – from atop bars, on pub verandas, and standing upon truck trays. Punchlines Comedy comedian, Ben Horowitz, even performed from the centre of a boxing ring. Whatever the environment, inform your comedian ahead of time. They might even write a new joke to address the odd working conditions.

Individual comedians may have their preferred environment to perform, but generally, it’s one that ensures that the audience’s focus is squarely on them. A darkened room, a single spotlight, a wireless microphone or one with a long lead, plus clear sound, should be your goal. And if you don’t have this equipment, let us know – we can help.

3. Level of Offence

Comedians love to swear – some more than others. Other comedians may not swear, but have crude and unsavoury material (for some). Punchlines Comedy comedian, Matt O’Neill, is one such example. His comedy is clean, but filled with innuendo and dark humour. Let your comedian know how dark and rude they can go well ahead of the night. Professional comedians are able to dial this up or down accordingly.

4. Picking on an individual

Sports players love it when one of their own is targeted by the stand-up comedian. This can also be true for corporate events. Punchlines Comedy comedian, Glynn Nicholas, loves pulling members of his audience out, and bringing them on stage. Before you book a stand-up comedian, think which names and personal stories you could share ahead of the show, so the stand-up comedian can increase the audience’s engagement, and really customise the night.

5. Post show networking

Depending on the calibre of the stand-up comedian, many of your audience may want to shake their hand, grab a selfie, or have a quick chat. But don’t assume that the comedian will stick around after their performance to network. Ensure you specifically request that they stay, ahead of time.

If you follow these five pieces of advice, when you next book a stand-up comedian, you’ll be sure to have a great event. You might also get inspired to give stand-up comedy a go yourself!