A corporate event comedian is sophisticated, educated, and suave. Or at least that’s the image they need to portray, during their stand-up comedy set. Corporate event comedians also differ greatly from their pub comedian cousins. And while some, like Dave O’Neil, are able to seamlessly step from one world into the other, for many comedians, they are either one or the other.

Here’s your checklist to ensure your corporate comedian is the right fit:

PC Friendly

Your HR department will have a fit if your comedian is sexist, racist, agist or any number of bigotry styles. Experienced corporate comedians should be politically correct. But don’t assume that’s always the case. Best to remind them of what is ‘appropriate’ behaviour when making your booking.

Well dressed

Professional comedians can often dress very unprofessionally. Pub comedians will get away with a T-shirt and jeans, but you’ll probably want a better dressed comedian for your corporate event. Check out their stand-up comedy bio or Facebook Page, to see their usual attire. If necessary remind the comedian that they’ll need to dress in ‘business formal’.

Au Fait with the Organisation

Great corporate comedians will customise their material for your industry, department, and even specific members of your team. Referring to a staff’s recent promotion, a department merger, or the company’s recent success, is a great way to engage with the audience and built rapport. For this to happen, however, you will need to brief the comedian ahead of time.

And finally, if you’re not sure how to do your due diligence on a corporate stand-up comedian, check out this post, ‘Choosing a stand-up comedian’. You can also filter for ‘corporate comedians’ here.